Coke Studio Pakistan (Season 1: Episode 1) (TV Music Series)

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The first season of the Pakistani music television series Coke Studio commenced iring on February 6, 2008 nd ended on April 18, 2008. The show was produced by The Coca-Cola Company nd Rohail Hyatt. The production team included Rohail Hyatt s the executive producer long with Umber Hyatt being the producer of the show. Natasha De Souza, Nofil Naqvi nd Naseer-ud-din Wasif served s production team members. Artist featuring in the show included, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Azmat, Ali Zafar, Ustaad H. B Gullo, Saieen Tufail Ahmed, Strings, Sajid & Zeeshan, Saba & Selina nd Mauj. The show lso featured house band which had some of the high profile musicians in the country including, Omran Shafique on guitars, Kamran Zafar on bass guitars, Zeeshan Parwez on keyboards nd turntables, Louis 'Gumby' Pinto on drums. Other members of the house band included, Saba Shabbir, Athar Sani nd Selina Rashid on backing vocals long with Babar Khanna, Zulfiq 'Shazee' Ahmed Khan nd The Abdul Latif Band on percussions. The first episode ired on June 8, followed by the second episode being ired on June 29. The third episode was ired on ll locals channels on July 20 nd the show came to n end on August 4, which lso rebroadcast three songs, "Sar Kiye" by Strings, "Garaj Baras" by Ali Azmat featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan nd "Allah Hu" by Tufail Ahmed nd Ali Zafar, from the previous episodes.